King of the nations (version 2)

Thank you for all your feedback, some directly by text. Helen suggested that if I were to make a few small changes, then the words would fit to the tune ‘Jerusalem’, which would be more familiar. So here it is …

King of all nations, hear our prayer
while humbly at your throne we bow;
As one in heart and one in soul
we plead for peace and mercy now.
The pain is great, the anguish sore,
as evil seeks to stalk its prey;
In mercy turn your ear to us
and guide us as we weep and pray.

Judge of all nations, thwart we plead
the wicked schemes that hatred breeds;
And loose the grip of evil powers
that all earth’s people may be freed.
Break down the barriers that divide,
decree the sovereign rule of peace;
May justice triumph over all
and warfare and all conflict cease.

Saviour of peoples, loose your Word
with power, force and heavenly might;
Transform through grace
all hearts of stone,
For darkness give us conquering light.
On Doves of peace your Spirit pour,
your gift of wisdom, O God, give;
And lead us through the maze we face,
Till nations all in freedom live.

One thought on “King of the nations (version 2)

  1. Thank you very sharingPoignant words and helpful for prayer Kath 🙏

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