The Welsh Eisteddfod and Psalm 119

Okay, so what’s the connection? Answer: Masterpieces in Poetry. Every year at the Eisteddfod there is a solemn ceremony steeped in tradition – the ‘Chairing of the Bard’, a poet whose poetry has been judged to be of the highest standard. The rules have been described as “fiendishly exacting” involving a complex system of alliterationContinue reading “The Welsh Eisteddfod and Psalm 119”

A little bit of conjobbling …

I learnt a new word last week: ‘conjobbling’. According to word guru Susie Dent its 19th-century English dialect for getting together for a good natter (or gossip), usually with a bite to eat. Last Tuesday it was great to conjobble over an al fresco lunch (which was very good) at the Ebdon Arms (in WickContinue reading “A little bit of conjobbling …”

Daffodils, Leeks … and, er, Kelloggs?

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus  –  Happy St.David’s Day Most people reading this will be familiar with both the Daffodil and the Leek being symbols of Welshness. But Kellogg’s? The story goes that while touring the USA in the 1920s, Welsh harpist Nansi Richards, visited the (Michigan) home of the American industrialist and inventor William Kellogg.Continue reading “Daffodils, Leeks … and, er, Kelloggs?”

Were you ‘shriven’ yesterday?

Yesterday Helen & I broke with tradition and instead of pancakes we had Welsh cakes. Delicious! Hot off the griddle and, unlike pancakes, what we didn’t eat went into the freezer so that tasty treats would be available in Lent – which is yet another break with tradition. During Lent the tradition is to giveContinue reading “Were you ‘shriven’ yesterday?”